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30101POP OFF
PATENT NO.: 0000252710

The Pop-Off valve is essential on all turbocharged engines. It has to be installed between turbocharger and throttle, the best position is between throttle and intercooler (if present). Pop-Off has the task to open to discharge pressure you have into intake manifold when you release accelerator. In fact, when you raise your foot from accelerator the turbocharger keeps on fast spinning pumping air into the line (that results closed). To avoid damages to turbocharger, you produce - by Pop-Off valve - an escape for extra pressure (useless in releasing).
Our turbo recirculation valve is the result of years of experience and engineering expertise. It features better than the OEM valve and without the failure of the original design with rubber diaphragm. Our recirculation valve uses an alloy piston operating within a billet alloy body. This design prevents the valve from leaking air into the intake system at idle. Our recirculation valve dumps the charge-air back into the air intake system, keeping external noise to a minimum. This increases both quicker throttle response and higher clamping load to maintain boost pressure more reliably. Our recirculation valve is fully costomisable to fit your application, as it uses spring with adjustable pre-load, for fine tuning. Our recirculation valve has a compact design, meaning easy fitting.


  • Minimize turbo lag 
  • Effective discharge according to driving
  • More protection for engine, turbocharger exposed to less stress 
  • Fast and flowing accelerations 
  • You can drive fast with less stress and wear for turbocharger 
  • External adjustment, without interfere with boost valve
  • Entirely in alloy, without breakable diaphragm as for usual Pop-Off
  • Not for whom reeding "to be heard", but for better performances and reliability
  • 25 mm tails
  • Adjustable 0.5 - 1.2 bar with light spring (rif. L) 
                    1.2 - over 3 bar with hard spring (rif. H)
  • Fit to any engine with or without airmeter/hotwire
  • Anodized in red (R), blue (B), black (BK), chromed (SH)